Useful links

We are working on a comprehensive section filled with links and resources about French Immersion, bilingualism, summer camps, workshops for parents, travel opportunities for students etc.

Here are a few to start with:

  • CPFMagazine_Fall2013Canadian Parents for French – National
    The national head office of Canadian Parents for French, based in Ottawa.
    Check out the inaugural issue of “CPF Magazine“, a joint publication from CPF’s Branches and National aimed to promote FSL in Canada. This issue features articles on the benefits of bilingualism, the value of a CPF membership, how social media helped one chapter change the mind of a school district on FSL programs.
  • Canadian Parents for French – BC & Yukon Branch
    The BC/Yukon branch of CPF is based in Vancouver and works with Ministries or Departments of Education, teacher organizations, and other groups concerned about education to ensure that there is support for FSL education and resources for parents and students. CPF branches also organize French-language activities for students from across the region.
  • French for the Future
    French for the Future is a not-for-profit organization that supports and motivates Canadian students on their path towards bilingualism.
  • BC Family French Camp
    At BC Family French Camp, children from French Immersion or Programme Cadre bring their families along to camp. Families camp in their own tents or trailers. Together, a friendly neighbourhood is formed, surrounded by the sounds of children playing and singing in French.
  • Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges Canada (SEVEC)
    SEVEC is a not for profit organization that facilitates educational exchanges within Canada through Youth Exchanges Canada program.
  • J’explore
    Experience, learn, travel, and make friends for life during this five-week French-language bursary program. Participants in Explore receive a $2,200 bursary that covers tuition fees for the five-week course, instructional materials, meals, and accommodation. The application period for 2014 starts in November 2013.
  • North Shore Pôle Francophone
    Located in central North Vancouver, North Shore Pôle Francophone offers group and private French tutoring for all ages, at all levels, in all areas of ​math, sciences and human sciences. Free French Movie and Karaoke Singing Nights on most Saturdays and Sundays.
  • C’est la vie – CBC Radio
    C’est la vie gives listeners a window into the life of French-speaking Canadians through interviews with people in the news and documentaries from across the country.
  • Word of the Week (C’est la vie) One of the program’s most popular features is Word of the Week, a little lesson in learning the French language.
  • Ways to learn and have fun in French
    Visit this section of our website for suggestions to help your child continue learning and playing in French outside of the classroom