Parent engagement matters! Research shows that children whose parents take an active part in their educational and personal growth reap great benefits. As parents we want to make the best educational choices for our children providing them with rich learning opportunities to use their newly found knowledge and skills, including their learning of French!

CPF North Van’s List of French Language Resources

Each Fall we update our list of French Language Resources, which features handy links to all sorts of useful websites, activities and events in the Lower Mainland! Download the Fall 2022 Back to School edition here.

CPF National’s K-Gr 2 Activity Workbook

This workbook is for both parents and young children. It is filled with fun and simple activities that introduce French to children. There are also questions and answers on each page about French-second-language (FSL) education. Download the workbook here.

CPF National’s Learn-at-Home Activity Booklet

This fun 6-page activity booklet introduces vocabulary and language, encouraging learning on the theme of home and community, exploring personal interests and skill development. Download it here.

Visit CPF BC & Yukon’s website for resources for students, families and educators!

CPF BC & Yukon’s website contains extensive French-second-language (FSL) tools and resources for students, families and educators. Whether you’re looking for information on FSL education in Canada, activities to assist your child in his or her studies, or tools to assess and improve your school’s FSL performance, CPF can help point you in the right direction.