Magazines, Radio, TV, Films, Music etc.

There are so many fun ways to learn and have fun in French! Here are just a few…more to follow!


  • LES DÉBROUILLARDS Fun science magazine/website for kids aged 9-13.
  • KAYAK: NAVIGUE DANS L’HISTOIRE DU CANADA French version of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids. Produced by Canada’s History Society, Kayak is designed to catch the imagination of children from ages 8 to 13. Each issue brings a theme from Canada’s past to life through engaging writing, creative design, original comics and fiction, lively illustrations, games, jokes and more. Young readers will devour details about the people and events that have shaped Canada.


CBC’s French equivalent, Société Radio-Canada (SRC), has lots of great programs for children of all ages. Watch in the mornings on Vancouver’s CBUFT-TV (channel varies depending on television service) or online anytime:


  • BOOKABOO This is a very entertaining show based on the UK version. Popular French-Canadian personalities drop by the tour bus to read with the world-famous, drum-playing rock puppy, Bookaboo, whose motto is « Une histoire pour moi sinon moi je ne joue pas! » (A story a day or I just can’t play!)


  • ONIVA Produced by Radio-Canada Alberta entirely in French, for and by young people in the West. Each week, the team travels and visits a school (in one of the four western provinces, the Yukon and Ontario) to examine a central with young people. The energetic, fast-paced show is presented in magazine format and consists of stories, interesting facts, vox-pop, questions and answers, a cooking segment as well as fun and entertaining games.