Fun French Family Bingo Night – École Boundary



Over 200 enthusiastic parents, students and their French teachers attended the “Fun French Family Bingo Night” at École Boundary on December 4th hosted by Canadian Parents for French with the invaluable assistance of a number of incredibly dedicated volunteers.

The evening started with Jeremy calling the audience to order with the traditional 3 taps of the cane followed with a “Votre attention s’il vous plait” as he pointed to the screen to direct attention to the “Welcome Video”.

IMG_5517Starring students from grades 4 to 7 in both Core and Late French Immersion French, Myra led a bevy of individual students who each played a role, in both French and English, in welcoming parents and guests, enumerating the cost of bakery, bingo cards and raffle tickets, thanking enthusiastically their French teachers, and listing some of the many key benefits of Canadian Parents for French memberships, with a fun innovative reminder that CPF is there in support of them, the students, with a finale of “Proud of two languages”“Nos deux langues, Notre fierté”.

The video was extremely well received by all with comments like “It was spectacular”.  A short welcome message from the principal (in English) and vice-principal (in French) followed and they set the stage for the emcee to enter and immediately query “Qui aime le français?”

IMG_5525Parents were then asked who knew no or very little French.  Many hands went up.  At which point Adam stated that he didn’t believe them and was ready to prove it.  So he and many fellow students took centre stage and broke into a lively rendition of “Those are some French words you already know”  (to the music of “Those are some of my favorite things”) which eventually saw the emcee broke into a very energetic, high audience participation version of  “Alouette, gentille alouette” creating a great “Joie de vivre” and pumped- up crowd.

And then it was Bingo, Bingo, Bingo all in French and only in French, all of this intertwined with some fun French trivia (eg where did the Crayola brand name come from?).  And what fun it was!  It was priceless to see the kids helping out their parents…“seeing the face of the kids, those expressions, the joy…. priceless”.  The kids were leaving the gym saying… this was great… we have to do it again next year!

Grade 7 Late French Immersion students wanted in on the action. They excitedly volunteered to call some of the Bingo games and did an awesome job of it. Not to mention all the work they did with the set-up and breakdown of the venue, promotion and selling of bakery goods and generally happy to help, no questions asked, wherever needed.

IMG_5535Throughout the evening the audience was made a bit more aware of the benefits of a CPF membership and several CPF memberships were sold.  Each membership entitled the new CPF member to an entree to win a wonderful Beauty Products Basket, courtesy of Shoppers Drug Mart at Capilano Square, our CPF event membership recruitment sponsor.

The evening ended with the draw, and many happy winners, of multiple prizes courtesy of several very generous individuals and companies (see accompanying list and please, do encourage them as their generosity made this wonderful evening possible).
“An incredible event”… “The students were incredible engaged”… “I haven’t seen so many smiling faces in one place”… “the energy was amazing” !!!

Not only a wonderful evening for all but a great fundraiser event to boot with Canadian Parents for French presenting a healthy cheque in support of  French programs, resources and activities at École Boundary.  Oh, What A Night!

A Warm THANK YOU to:

• The Great French Students of École Boundary!
• École Boundary Parent Advisory Council (PAC)!
• École Boundary French Teachers & Staff!
• North Vancouver CPF Representatives!
• École Boundary Family Bakers!
• Bingo Night Volunteers!
• Awesome Parents!!!


CPF Membership Drive – Event Sponsor:

Shoppers Drug Mart at Capilano Square
(One street across the east side of Capilano Mall)
Stop by and thank Nadine, Dave or Eva for their support.

Great Evening Prizes and Services Courtesy Of:

4Cats Art Academy | 3120 Highland Boulevard, #1
(A hive of artistic creativity. Art classes, art history, art parties, art supplies…)

BC Sports Hall of Fame & Museum | 777 Pacific Blvd
(Explore – Experience – Be Proud – Be Inspired…)

BFit Health & Fitness | 38 Fell Avenue, #103
(A great place to get fit. Client centered not club centered.)

Britannia Mine Museum – Britannia Beach
(Visit the mine that once was the largest copper mine in the British Empire.)

Cork It Winemaking | 1427 Crown Street at Mountain Hwy
(Wine making at its best. Drop by to thank Melanie, Melodie and Clayton.)

Crêpe Montagne | 14368 Main Street, #116, Whistler
(For authentic French crêpes, fondues and Swiss raclette it’s Crêpe Montagne.)

Edgemont Village Jewellers | 3102 Edgemont Blvd
(First Place Winner – Jewellers, Reader’s Choice Award, North Shore News.)

EMP Museum | Seattle Centre, USA
(EMP for a leading-edge museum that fuel contemporary popular culture.)

Get Dressed | Westview Centre, 2601 Westview Drive #742
(Chic Modern Casual Women’s Clothing; get styled, get inspired, get dressed.)

Kidsbooks | 3040 Edgemont Blvd
(A fun bookstore for great holiday gift ideas of the best kids & teens books.)

Mass Media Inc | Shipping across Canada
(For all your printing needs at very affordable prices.)

North Shore Autowash | 1501 Main Street
(For an environmentally friendly, quality car wash at a reasonable price.)

Playland at the PNE | PNE Grounds
(A fun time for all. A great amusement park with over 30 rides & attractions.)

Posy | Lynn Valley Village # 167
(Voted “Favorite Florist” in the North Shore News Reader’s Choice Awards.)

Real Canadian Superstore | 333 Seymour Blvd
(Christi would love to hear from you even in French. Are you a PC+ member?)

Roman Tulis | 565 Madore Avenue, Coquitlam
(World Class Soccer Program – Be The Best You Can Be!)

Safeway | 1170 East 27th Street, Lynn Valley
(Card free savings – Everybody gets our lowest price every day!)

Scandinave Spa | 8010 Mons Road, Whistler
(Home of the Scandinave Bath Experience – 2014 Trip Advisor Winner.)

Siamak Ebrahimi – Shokouh Institute | 1124 Lonsdale Ave, #305
(A French tutor helping you achieve a greater level of French proficiency.)

Sofiabella | 3068 Highland Blvd, Edgemont Village
(Great fashion ideas for holiday giving for the style-savy tween.)

Sportball | 227 Lynn Avenue
(Offering non-competitive sports instruction for children up to 12 years.)

The Maker’s Body CrossFit | 1493 Crown Street / Mountain Hwy
(Tyron & team helping people get lean, healthy & looking their absolute best.)

Thrifty Foods | 845 Marine Drive east of Capilano Mall
(Say thanks to Corey or Sunny. You must try their excellent “Tourtière”.)

Van Pet | Lynn Valley Village
(Helping you have healthy happy pets. Drop by to show your appreciation.)

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra | Vancouver & Surroundings
(Enriching and transforming lives through culturally diverse music styles.)

Zen Japanese Restaurant | 2232 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
(Dishes made with ocean-friendly ingredients served in a bright dining room.)


Our On-Line Pre-Registration Event Sponsor

North Shore News | 126 East 15th Street, 2nd Floor
When You Need To Advertise… Think North Shore News !!!

Thank you for supporting these wonderful local businesses!


Canadian Parents for French | North Vancouver Chapter
Proud of two languages – Nos deux langues, notre fierté

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