About CPF

Mission Statement

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is the national network of volunteers which values French as an integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French-second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians.


CPF was founded in 1977 by parents who wanted to ensure that children would have the opportunity to become bilingual in the Canadian school system. Originally a small group of concerned parents who met in Ottawa, CPF has evolved into a proactive national network with 10 Branch offices and some 150 Chapters in communities nationwide.

From Coast to Coast to Coast

CPF National works with the federal government and national organizations involved in education to create an environment supportive of French-second-language (FSL) education. CPF offers volunteer training and development and provides information and resources about FSL learning.

In British Columbia/Yukon

The BC/Yukon branch of CPF works with Ministries or Departments of Education, teacher organizations, and other groups concerned about education to ensure that there is support for FSL education and resources for parents and students. CPF branches also organize French-language activities for students from across the region.

In Our Community

CPF municipal-level chapters such as CPF North Vancouver are the ground-level face and heart of CPF activities. Chapters are responsible for:

  • In-school activities, such as winter carnivals, performances by French speaking artists, public speaking contests and a myriad of other activities that support and enhance learning French.;
  • Extracurricular programs such as winter and summer camps, exchanges, educational visits, weekend workshops for all students learning French, and more;
  • Municipal-level educational advocacy and promotion, including parent information nights, petitions and letter-writing campaigns, and consultations with school administrators, school boards, city councils, and even local-level MPPs/MLAs or MPs to extend our message to the decision-makers that inform the policies affecting Canada’s students each and every day.

What does CPF North Vancouver do?

  • We organize all kinds of fun and exciting events and activities – including parent workshops, film festivals, public speaking competitions and socio-cultural events – all in French!
  • We work in partnership with teachers, administrators and District staff to help create unique learning experiences both in and outside of the classroom
  • We are part of a network of more than 8,500 members in BC and the Yukon who are continually advocating for high quality French programs for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • We have local, provincial and national websites as well as a quarterly newsletter full of resources and information such as highlights of the latest research on how to address reading and learning challenges, where to find summer French camps and how to support CPF’s advocacy for French language learning.


To find out about upcoming chapter meetings, events and new resources, please visit our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. To support CPF North Vancouver, consider becoming a CPF member by visiting our Membership page. To get involved, please contact us at cpfnorthvan@gmail.com, we always welcome new volunteers!


CPF North Van is very proud of our accomplishments to date! Here are some photos from past events such as Film Fest, Concours d’art oratoire, Braemar’s winter Carnaval, Grade 12 graduation events and more!

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