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What does CPF North Vancouver do?

Our parent volunteers organize all kinds of fun and exciting events and activities in French for our students, including French public-speaking competitions, film festivals and sociocultural events, as well as resources, workshops and social gatherings for parents.

  • We organize all kinds of fun events and activities – including film festivals, public speaking competitions, parent workshops, winter carnivals and performances by French-speaking artists
  • We work in partnership with teachers, administrators and District staff to help create unique learning experiences both in and outside of the classroom
  • We deliver information through a CPF presence at several District events focused on educating parents and students about FI programs in our schools.
  • We recognize student success with awards and certificates at Concours d’art oratoire competitions and graduation events
  • We coordinate applications for CPF BC & Yukon’s Sociocultural Grant program which supports bringing French-language events to schools
  • We maintain an online presence (website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) to share resources and information
  • We are part of a network of more than 8,500 members in BC and the Yukon who are continually advocating for high quality French programs for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12

Interested in getting involved with CPF North Van? Send us an email at cpfnorthvan@gmail.com, we would love to hear from you!

Top 10 Reasons for joining Canadian Parents for French

You’ve already made important decisions about your children’s education by enrolling them in French. But you may not be sure of ways you can continue to help. Experts say that French immersion works best when kids and their parents can take part in French extra-curricular activities, and when school programs are high quality, well-funded, and well-promoted. That’s what Canadian Parents for French is all about!

Check out all the great reasons below! To become a CPF member, click here. Merci beaucoup!

Back-to-School French Resources

Click on the Table of Content links below to discover a wonderful world of French language resources for all ages and interests!

  1. Resources for Parents / Tutoring / French Courses
  2. Compilations of French Language Resources
  3. Books/Storytimes in French
  4. Music
  5. Television
  6. Films
  7. Online Learning & Games
  8. Francophone events in the Lower Mainland
  9. French Camps & Francophone Tourism in BC & Canada
  10. Find more resources on our social media channels

    Resources for Parents / Tutoring / French Courses

    Compilations of French Language Resources

    Books/Storytimes in French




    Online Learning & Games

    • IDÉLLO, a Canadian French-language learning platform for educators, parents & students:
    • Francolab is a French-Canadian web resource for learning French featuring tutorials, learning exercises and quizzes to gauge progress: http://francolab.ca/. Check out Francolab Junior for younger children.

    Francophone events in the Lower Mainland

    French Camps & Francophone Tourism in BC & Canada

    Find more resources on our social media channels

    November 2022 Chapter Meeting

    Whether you are looking for resources to assist your child, or just want to be more involved in the French Immersion community, join us at one of virtual Chapter Meetings to find out more about CPF and meet other parents like you! You will find a welcoming community, a network of support and place to share ideas and to give back to the community.


    DATE: TBD (generally first Wednesday or Thursday of each month)
    TIME: 7:00PM
    LOCATION: via Zoom or Google Meet, please email us at cpfnorthvan@gmail.com for meeting link