Concours d’art oratoire is a long-standing tradition in the North Vancouver school district. Each April, French Immersion, FSL and Francophone students from across North Vancouver participate in the North Vancouver School District Concours d’art oratoire finals, delivering the speech that won them first prize at their schools.

This year’s District finals took place on Monday, April 13 at the Education Services Centre.

Please see below for more information about the event, and the list of 2015 District winners!

EW logo_colour_RThe North Vancouver Chapter of Canadian Parents for French would like to thank Everything Wine (Marine Drive location) for its generous support of Concours d’art oratoire!  www.everythingwine.ca

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From the Superintendent’s Blog:

On Monday April 13, 2015 the Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon Branch and the North Vancouver School District 44 hosted the annual district finals for the French public speaking competition, Concours d’art oratoire 2015. Students in grades 6 through 12, from across the school district, came to the Education Services Centre and delivered the speech that won them first prize at their school. The event was very well attended and the large audience consisted of judges, family members, school principals, the North Shore News, friends, and fellow students. The level and the quality of French presented was impressive and blew everyone away. It was truly inspiring to see the perseverance, hard work and passion of every finalist shine through. It was a real celebration of French! John Lewis, Superintendent of Schools

2015 North Vancouver School District winners

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  • Immersion tardive 6e: Arman Hariri (Braemar)
  • Immersion précoce 6e: Stefania Stirban (Cleveland)
  • Immersion tardive 7e: Kelsey Steffen (Boundary)
  • Immersion précoce 7e: Nia Wagner (Larson)
  • Francophone 7e: Gabrielle Webb (Braemar)


  • Immersion 8e: Nora Godard-Despot (Handsworth)
  • Francophone 8e: Genevieve McKay (Handsworth)
  • Immersion 9e: Lewis Arnold (Handsworth)
  • Francophone 9e: Lelia Kostiuk (Argyle)
  • Immersion 10e: Matthew Wilson (Handsworth)
  • Francophone 10e: Shana Edalat (Handsworth)
  • Immersion 11e: Jack Wright (Handsworth)
  • Immersion 12e: Joshua Johnson (Argyle)

 In the News!

An item about the North Vancouver School District Concours d’art oratoire Finals appeared in the Wednesday April 22 issue of the North Shore News! Click thumbnail below to view a larger image.


Provincial Finals

10,000 students from across British Columbia competed in the 2015 Concours d’art oratoire, and our 13 finalists joined the 240 students that made the provincial finals at SFU – Surrey Campus. We are extremely proud of our students for their incredible work, as North Vancouver led the way in winning the top awards for this year’s Provincial French Public Speaking Competition!

2015 Provincial finalists from North Vancouver:

  • Lewis Arnold, Grade 9 Immersion:  “La domination ou la soumission?: L’homme vis-à-vis la nature” – École Handsworth Secondary
  • Nia Wagner, Grade 7 Early Immersion:  “L’influence d’Adolf Hiter” – École Larson Elementary
  • Arman Hariri, Grade 6 Late Immersion: “Les enfants et l’avenir” – École Braemar Elementary
  • Jack Wright, Grade 11 Immersion: “Les paradoxes” – École Handsworth Secondary

Provincial Winners from North Vancouver:

  • Genevieve McKay, Grade 8 Francophone: “Le travail des enfants” – École Handsworth Secondary (1st Place)
  • Norah Goddard-Despot, Grade 8 Immersion: “La science derrière le cerveau adolescents” – École Handsworth Secondary (3rd Place)
  • Matthew Wilson, Grade 10 Immersion: “L’importance des langues” École Handsworth Secondary (1st Place)
  • Joshua Johnson, Grade 12 Early Immersion: “Le problème avec la démocratie au Canada” – École Argyle Secondary (3rd Place)
  • Stefania Stirban, Grade 6 Early Immersion: “Une statue qui donne la liberté” – École Cleveland Elementary (1st Place)
  • Kelsey Steffen, Grade 7 Late Immersion: “Joshua Tree” – École Boundary Elementary (2nd Place)
  • Leila Kostiuk, Grade 9 Francophone: “Le gaélique écossais” – École Argyle Secondary (1st Place)
  • Shana Edalat, Grade 10 Francophone: “Mon père” – École Handsworth Secondary (2nd Place)

Visit http://bc-yk.cpf.ca/actvities/youth-activities/concours-dart-oratoire/ for the full list of winners.

Congratulations! Félicitations à vous tous! Chapeau!

Stéphanie Weller
Facilitatrice des programmes français, Centre des Services Éducatifs
District French Immersion/Core French Facilitator, Learning Services
North Vancouver School District #44