There are so many fun ways to learn and have fun in French! Here are just a few…more to follow!


Popular Francophone personalities drop by the tour bus to read with the world-famous, drum-playing rock puppy, Bookaboo, whose motto is « Une histoire pour moi sinon moi je ne joue pas! » (A story a day or I just can’t play!)

The energetic, fast-paced show is presented in magazine format and consists of stories, interesting facts, vox-pop, questions and answers, a cooking segment as well as fun and entertaining games.

Mission Mayday
Another fun magazine-format show for young people aged 9 to 14 years, Mission Mayday’s mission is to answer a question that seems unanswered. Building on their personalities and their resourcefulness, the hosts will do everything in their power to meet the demands of viewers.

Par ici la magie
Popular magician Daniel Coutu uses magic to popularize science, and it works! All unusual phenomena of daily life become an excuse to share share his passion, and his comedic explanations are far from boring or mundane.

A great way for your child to engage in French while watching a sport they enjoy is to tune into a French-language sports channel and listen the play-by-plays in French, either live by checking their schedules, or watching videos online. For example, Réseau des sports (sister channel to TSN), and TVA both provide extensive coverage of many major sporting events (hockey, soccer, tennis etc.)


C’est la vie
C’est la vie is an English-language radio program about Francophone Canadian life, language and culture. One of the program’s most popular features is Word of the Week with Johanne Blais, the show’s resident “Word Lady”.


Radio-Canada Jeunesse
The French equivalent to CBC’s English-language site for children featuring lots of fun games and videos.

FRANCOLAB is a free web platform aimed at teaching the French language. Designed for students wishing to perfect their French, and for their teachers, FRANCOLAB offers audiovisual content on a variety of themes, quiz games, Canadian television programs on cultural and social topics, and educational fact sheets developed by professionals for in-class and at-home use.

Khan Academy
The popular online learning site is now available in French!

Fun educational website with animated movies, quizzes, activity pages and school homework help.

Lively digital newspaper from France for children from 8-12 years. Accompanying website features lots of fun videos and images.

Talk in French
This very engaging website from France is geared more towards adults but offers lots of useful resources for anyone learning French: study guides, podcasts, articles on French culture, e-books, dictées, French movie lists, lyrics to French songs etc.


French Book Lists
North Vancouver City Library maintains an “En Français” section on its website featuring French book lists and useful French websites.

Les Débrouillards
Fun science magazine/website for kids aged 9-13.

Les Explorateurs
A magazine for all “curious by nature” youth from from 6 to 10 years.

Kayak: Navigue dans l’histoire du Canada
French version of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.