“French Camp” is a one-of-a-kind French-language experience that takes place at three locations in BC each summer.

At BC Family French Camp, children from French Immersion or Programme Cadre bring their families along to camp. Families camp in their own tents or trailers. Together, a friendly neighbourhood is formed, surrounded by the sounds of children playing and singing in French. Parents enjoy a rewarding blend of lounging time and sharing in a variety of small volunteer duties while their children use their French in a wonderful outdoor setting with their energetic and funny French-speaking moniteurs. And parents don’t have to be able to speak French! Evening activities for the whole family include night games, volleyball or kickball, communal dessert, communal dinner, and sing-along campfires. Many happy memories are always made at BC Family French Camp.


Click here to visit the BCFFC website and find out more about this amazing summer experience!

Did you know that CPF Membership is required to attend French Camp?

BCFFC is not run by CPF but CPF does provide BCFFC with funding and for that all campers are required to be members in good standing. You need to show proof of your existing CPF membership that expires September 1, 2014, or later. This can be either (1) a photocopy of your laminated membership card or (2) the label from a recent newsletter, but must clearly show when your membership expires.

Many of the camp dates fill up fast so to avoid processing delays, make sure you have your current CPF membership in place!

Click here for CPF membership information, and for details about our new member discount.

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