On Thursday, October 24th, CPF North Van hosted its 4th annual “Surviving French Immersion” workshop at École Cleveland. Our focus this year was on the Intermediate years. The workshop was presented by Susan Owens, a noted NVSD 44 French Immersion teacher with extensive experience teaching early and late French Immersion students. She shared her knowledge and provided tips and resources on ways that even non-French speaking parents can support their children. It was a wonderful evening and we all learned a great deal from Mme Owens.


Click here to view Mme Owens’ presentation notes, and her handout which contains lots of useful links. (The handout is on the last page of the PDF.)


  • CPF North Van would like to extend a ”grand merci” to Susan Owens for taking the time to put together and deliver such a insightful and helpful presentation.
  • We would also like to thank Kirsty Peterson, CPF BC/Yukon’s Outreach Officer for coming out and explaining the role of the provincial branch of the CPF.
  • Thank you to our sponsors for their wonderful door prize donations:
    Kidsbooks Edgemont Village ($25 Gift Certificate)
    Libations Liquor Store, Dundarave Village (French Wine Gift Box valued at $43)
    Congratulations to the winners of these prizes, and also to the winners of the two One-Year CPF Memberships!
  • And thank to you to Jim Hinton, who attended on behalf of British Columbia Family French Camp (BCFFC) to share photos and provide information about “French Camp”, a one-of-a-kind French-language summer experience. If you are looking for a fun and memorable way to provide an extended French-language experience for your child this is it! Click here for more info about BCFFC.

Did you know that CPF Membership is required to attend French Camp? You will need to provide a current CPF membership number when BCFFC registration opens up in January 2014. Many of the camp dates fill up fast so to avoid processing delays, make sure you have your current CPF membership in place before January 2014! Click here for CPF membership information.

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